Recognizing For Current Success Goes A Long Way!

Whether recognizing students, employees or customers, Serkin Promotions has been in the business of creating pride since 1978. We are always developing new programs and unique awards that will not only recognize but encourage those being presented. We develop programs that stand out from others, helping to differentiate us from our competition.

No matter what the environment is there are various benefits that occur when award programs are set up. This could be reinforcing positive ongoing behaviour, increasing cultural morale, creating a better environment for success, encouragement of personal growth, helping to achieve increased dedication, performance & productivity.

Recognizing success with medallions as an award is a program that many should implement. Medallions can be as simple as a company logo or school crest and as complex as a 3D design and mission statements copy on the second side. Medals are in fact less more cost effective then plaques as awards. Find out more!