How to Distribute Promotional Products

Looking to reach more of an audience but don’t know where to start? Usually promotional items are a great starting point for any company looking to branch out to new customers or make connections with new ones. However, some question when and where is the best time to distribute promotional items. Below are 3 tips on how to get your promo items into the hands of your customers and keep you in the forefront of their minds when it comes to needing your goods or services.

Bulk Mailings

Everyone remembers when you would get those free fridge calendar magnets from different business in the mail. Though some may not make it all the way into the home from the mail box, there will still be a good percentage of people that will keep it. Sending out products through the mail continues to be at the top of the best ways to market your brand and get your message out to customers and straight to them. Sending out promotional products through the mail also gives you the opportunity to reach an area that you might not necessarily had the ability to reach before because of things such as distance. Expanding the area that you are able to promote your business in gives you a better chance of finding a new group of clients that you never may have had before.  You’ll need potential clients names and addresses because it is always best to address things to people personally. If the name is to the current resident of the home people are more than likely to throw it away. The more personal it seems, the more likely people are to not only keep it but to interact with it in terms of calling you and stating that they are interested in knowing more about the businesses product/service. 

Trade Shows, Expos, and Conventions

At trade shows is usually a wide variety of people in attendance from fields like your and others. This can provide you with a great opportunity to expand your social network and make new connections with  people in and out of your area of business. Having many different items for potential new clients to take is even better the more they take the more items they will have to remember your company. Trade shows and conventions are not just a great way to interact with your clients, new or old, it is also a great place to talk to and see the business’ that you are in competition with. At these larger gatherings there are bound to be people from the same industry as you, which gives you the opportunity to get to see what they are doing and if there are any advancements in the field that you are in at the same time you should aim to customize a stand-out promo item that will draw interest in to you and not the competitors that might also be there. In this case creativity is key trying to think of things that would draw the attention of clients aways from others and towards you.

Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, and Special Events

As the times progress larger scale gatherings are starting to begin again. Now that people are able to congregate together in a larger scale there is more excitement about being together, and that excitement is something that you can use to get converstations started with people about your business.These can be at events such as social networking events and parties that you attend. Market your business at these gatherings by giving away products such as custom-shaped stress relievers, pens, lip balms etc. at the grand opening or useful seasonal items for the holidays at office parties. If used to their fullest, big parties and events can be just what you need to really push your brand and get awareness for your business out there. When you use these events remember that these gifts or give aways do not always need to be the flashiest or most expensive items, but if they are useful and exciting than people will keep them and always have the memory of where and when they got it. 

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