Celebrating the Virtues of the Month at Father Henry Carr

Below is a letter we received from the Father Henry Carr school:

Faith formation is an integral part of our school community.  By focusing, monthly, on different virtues, we are able to recognize students who have exemplified these virtues thus building an inclusive and Christ-centered community.


For the month of September, we chose students who demonstrated the virtue of hospitality by welcoming new Canadians through the N.O.W. program.

In October we thanked students who continue to prepare and serve breakfast every morning through the Breakfast Program and those students who help out in the program called Blessing In A Back Pack  which takes place every Friday .In November we will recognize the “Peacemakers” in our community through the S.A.T.(Student Action Team) program. This program allows students to work on different initiatives such as bullying prevention which is implemented in the school community so that this proactive incentive will maintain peace during the school year.


Throughout the year we intend to continue to recognize students who exemplify the virtues at our monthly masses which will, in turn, help our students on their spiritual journey.