Avoiding Common Mistakes

Pens: Pens are one of the most used promotional products that is ordered on a regular basis. What many companies do not understand is that although a great give out at trade shows and other events the size of said pens are very small for printing on. This means that with a limited amount of space, your company should not try to develop a long message or else your customers won’t be able to read it. Keep it short, simple and make sure your logo is the first thing on.

Colors: Promotional products are fantastic but there are many times when customers have a color scheme in mind that in the end just does not work with the logo. The pen, for instance, is great when it stands out, this means bright colors and vibrant tones. But it is also not always the best case scenario. It is said that most of the time light-colored imprinting should be avoided when the background color is light itself. Dark with light and light with dark to combat the tones and help let your message/logo stand out to its full potential.

Something You Can’t Print On: There are times in the promotional products industry where a client wants a specific product that in a nutshell cannot be completed. This means that either the product is too small and the logo or message would not be visible or companies want to print copyrighted materials without the consent of said organizations.

Logo Printing: When it comes to printing your companies logo on various promotional products it is important to know that the simpler it is the better the results. Not only should your logo be as complicated free as possible but the right color scheme chosen for the best results and allowing for it to “pop” on the product itself. Remember that your companies logo will look different on every type of product as the sizes are different.

Promotional products can become very complicated when you are not using an expert to help you with developing yours. Not only will you run into potential problems but it could cause more headache in the long run when all measures are not met properly. Make sure your company is not falling into any of the above.