Artwork Information

When talking more about vector art and the importance of it for quality promotional products it is important to note that without high-quality art the final product will not look as good as could be.  While it does take a little longer to create, many companies are usually making their logos with vector art which makes it easy for us to transfer it to any size while keeping its look the same.

On products such as pens, where the content and logo has to be reduced to a very small size it is not usually easy to spot blur compared to one that does not have blur but when larger products are started it is noticed in an instant.  If your company ever has trouble with meeting the requirements to allow printing of high quality do not hesitate to let us know and ask how we can help.  We are able to make adjustments as well since we deal with vectors on a daily basis.

In some cases, we may ask the logo or content to be redone to fit various standards but we do this only to make sure that your final product will turn out how we want it, 100% crystal clear & the highest quality.